Date: 24/05/2019
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How do I know if something is wrong with my system?

There are several indicators that a system needs attention. The easy ones are when the unit will not reach the heating or cooling set point on your thermostat. Typically that means the unit is not working properly.

  1. If you have a digital thermostat and it is blank that means you have lost power to the thermostat.
  2. Check your breakers and if everything is okay with your breakers, call us.
  3. If the blower is not producing the airflow that you are accustomed to check your air filter.  Change it if needed.
  4. If you hear the unit come on and it makes a noise that you normally do not hear pay special attention to it and if the noise continues call us.
  5. If you see ice on your unit and it does not go away call us. Heat pump units will ice up but the unit should go into a defrost mode and the ice will go away.
  6. Smells are a good indicator that something is going wrong. If you smell gas or a burning smell turn the unit off and call us before you turn it back on.
  7. The appearance of your outdoor system is a good indicator of how well the unit is working. If it is clean and sounds smooth in its operation that is a good indicator that the unit has been maintained properly.
  8. If the outside unit has dirty coils and sounds rough get it serviced promptly.

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