Date: 24/05/2019
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When is a Repair Company NOT a Repair Company?

Tony Anderson, Partner, offers a warning when choosing an HVAC repair company

When is a repair company, not a repair company?  When it’s a sales company!  A company that claims they can come out to your home three times for $99 is a sales company. Those are the companies that are trained to sell you something. They cannot financially afford to send a service man to your home 3 times a year. They will lose money for $99. Even one company is advertising four trips for $100. They are going to lose money.  How do they make money, they sell you something you don’t need. Don’t do that. Call a reputable company that is advertising good competitive rates. If you have any questions at all get a second opinion. We offer free second opinions, and several companies do that.

Our service technicians are paid by the hour and not by the unit they sell or parts they sell. If your unit is in bad shape and needs to be replaced we will tell you that, but our first line of business is to repair and get your unit up and going immediately. Our vans are stocked with a lot of parts and our service technicians are very experienced. Our first line of call is to get you going immediately.