Thursday, 18 July 2013
What you need to know about Mini-splits.


Cassette Inside Unit

Mini-split is a nickname for small HVAC systems with the condenser outside, and an inside unit mounted to a wall or ceiling. The inside unit is a substitute for a typical air handler. The inside unit is called a cassette and they range from three to four feet in length. The cassette distributes the cool or heated air in the space.  

No ducts are required and only small diameter lines are needed to connect the outside unit to the cassette.  In a home the space is usually going to be a recreation room, a basement room, an attic room, or a big large room that needs heating and cooling.  Mini-splits do a wonderful job of spot heating and cooling.  In the past window units or through the wall hotel/motel units were used. These were noisy and inefficient.   

Outside UnitThe mini-split works much better. They are quiet (because the compressor is outside) and very efficient with 16-18 SEER ratings or even higher.  The main feature is they deliver point heating and cooling very accurately.  A commercial example of a mini-split system used in a small rural store is shown in the two photos.

As far as brand we use Mitsubishi units a lot. They have an impressive 7 year Warranty on the compressor and 5 years on the other parts.  However if you can’t get parts it doesn’t matter how long the warranty is.  In our experience Mitsubishi and Samsung make it easy to get parts in an expedited manner.


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