Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Do Your ENERGY STAR HVAC appliances make a difference ?

Energy StarThis exciting 3 minute video shared by EPA covers the 20 years since the EPA’s ENERGY STAR mark first appeared.  We believe in helping our customers “Going Green” with their HVAC systems and support the ENERGY STAR program wherever possible.


Little more than twenty years ago, who dared imagine that this mark could make a real difference in the fight against climate change just by saying, "This is energy efficient. This product,this building, this plant, this house is doing the right things to save energy, to reduce carbon pollution, and to fight climate change. Who dared imagine - that maybe we could dispel that outdated belief that conserving energy means sacrifice and make saving energy a powerful and positive force in the world. That saving energy could become not just preferred practice but honored, as a personal responsibility – the right thing to do.

Today, across America, in ten thousand different places, business partners are working to earn ENERGY STAR certification on buildings, factories, and plants of every description. Thousands of manufacturer and retail partners are helping people make choices that will save energy and fight climate change. Thousands of builder partners are working to build new homes that meet the ENERGY STAR standards of efficiency and quality.  And hundreds of utility partners are letting their customers know that ENERGY STAR is the right choice for efficiency and savings. Last year alone, choosing ENERGY STAR helped reduce utility bills – by twenty-four billion dollars – playing an important role in helping the United States reduce its total carbon footprint by nine percent since two-thousand-five, and helping make EPA’s ENERGY STAR program perhaps the most successful energy conservation movement in history. 

Eddie Hutton

Posted on 10/29/2013 9:33 PM by Eddie Hutton
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