Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Tony Anderson, Partner, answers the question this way.

There are huge differences among service companies. Of course all companies can be good and all can be bad. The first major difference is size. There are large companies and small companies.

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Let’s first focus on the large companies.Some large companies train their technicians to be commissioned sales people.That’s not good for our industry because sales people want to sell you equipment rather than repairing and maintaining your equipment. Interstate AC is a service company and we do not pay our technicians commissions.* We pay our technicians by the hour.We have had technicians apply for jobs whose experience was at companies that pay commissions for equipment sales and got the majority of their pay that way. They won’t work here as they just don’t fit our culture.



house imageLet’s talk about the small companies. The advantage is you may get to know their technician as the same person comes on every call. However, the disadvantage with the small company is if they get two calls at the same time they are covered up.We run 21-22 service technicians so we can get to people quickly. Our technicians keep our trucks at their homes. Their homes are spread out all over our service area. Our dispatchers know where they are and can send the technician that is at a home close to yours or currently working in your area. Our dispatchers are good at ensuring the guy keep working every evening until every customer gets serviced.Some firms have to say it will be three days before we can get there. That never happens in our company. We might roll you over to the next day if it’s not an emergency but if it is an emergency we get there!


Posted on 08/01/2012 2:37 AM by Tony Anderson
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