Saturday, 15 December 2012
Dispatching Calls for Service

Tony Anderson, Partner,  and Head Dispatcher, Gina , explain this important function.

I can’t think of anything more important in our business than our dispatchers.  Our dispatchers make all the difference in the world because they are the first people our customers talk to. And they can make or break the day. The customers are making a request and it is the dispatcher’s job to make sure we can cover those requests, match the people up, do this in a timely manner and do it efficiently.  When dispatchers work efficiently it saves money for us and the customers. Keeping the guys in the right zone, keeping them moving to the right calls. We don’t want the wrong man going to a boiler, or a chiller, or going to someone’s home. Dispatchers are hard to come by. It’s a hard job, but fortunately we have Gina as our head dispatcher. She has been here 7 years now. I have been in business here since 1990 and she is the best I have ever worked with.  Watch the video to observe Gina at work.



Posted on 12/15/2012 11:12 AM by Tony Anderson
31 Dec 2012
Eddie Winkenhofer

I am frustrated with the service and poor operational policy of Interstate AC.  A week ago tonight the gas heating system at our home went out.  The technician on call said everyone was out and couldn't help me until in the morning. He came out the next day and inspected and said a Capacitor was bad and the Compressor was bad.  Wednesday a technician came out anx fixed the Capacitor and said the Furnace Blower was broken. Since we were having below freezing weather and the parts of the house were very cold we decided to go stay with family in Gulf Shores. On Thursday by noon I couldn't get a straight answer from you all or Summit Properties. I have been providing Personal Service my whole career and you could sure use an Operational and Policy review or get mad and watch your business slip away.

31 Dec 2012
Tony Anderson

The service that we provided to a house on Page Road is managed by a very professional property management company that we have worked closely with for several years. Mr. Winkenhofer is a tenant in that rental property. I can understand tenants frustration from time to time with the process  of getting repairs for rental property approved by the owners but we cannot repair a unit without authorization from the property owners. The management company did a good job of getting the repairs approved promptly. On the first trip (a Saturday) we made to the home Mr. Winkenhofer told our service technician that they had already plan to go out of town the next day and no one would be home. Plus the house was not set up to be occupied. A few belongings were in the home but no bedrooms were set up so we ordered the two micro fared capacitor (odd size we normal have them in stock on the truck) that we needed to get the heat going  and plan to come back the day after Christmas which we did. Once we installed the new capacitor we could test the gas heating system and unfortunately the draft inducer motor was bad not the furnace blower like Mr. Winkenhofer stated.. There was no way to know this motor was bad until we got the capacitor installed. We keep some universal draft inducer motors on the truck but this is a Carrier dual fuel unit and universal parts will not work on this unit. The Carrier parts distribution center here in Nashville did not have the motor either so we had to order it express ship. The motor came in and we installed it promptly. Our serviceman made sure the unit was operating properly three different times before he left and to the best of our knowledge the unit is still heating properly.  Sometimes the service that we provide is not perfect. We are lucky to have some of the best personnel in this industry that are hardworking and care a ton about our customers.  We try extremely hard to provide all of our customers the best service available but we cannot make discusion for the landlord or install parts that are not in stock. I was surprised when Mr. Winkenhofer stated he “provided personal service my whole career” . The profanity he used in talking to our ladies over the phone was inexcusable. They transferred him to a service manager who is very mild mannered, extremely professional and never gets upset but he had to hang up on Mr. Winkenhofer due to his language and unprofessional behavior. To my teams credit Mr. Winkenhofer’s  awful behavior did not affect the level of service he received. We preformed the work as quick as humanly possible under these situations.  I am always disappointed when any customer is not satisfied 100 % and will try to make it right. We do not have many service problems but when we do have a problem it is how you handle that problem that  it sets you apart. I will review all angles of the job and see if we need to make changes in our procedures. To Mr. Winkenhofer I apologize that we were not able to provide you with a service that was satisfactory to you.