Monday, 1 April 2013
About the Spring Maintenance Check: Coil Cleaning & Hail Damage

Tim Panther, Interstate AC Service Technician, demonstrates cleaning coils and discusses hail damaged coils.


Always have a spring maintenance check before the hot weather.  Avoid having your system fail on the really hot days.  Cleaning your air conditioner’s outside unit coils is very straightforward.  First you spray coil cleaner carefully on all four sides of the coil’s fins.   Wait until you can see the cleaner foam. The foam is removing the dirt on the coils. Now use a hose with an adjustable pressure nozzle and carefully wash the foam off. The foam and dirt will quickly dissipate on the ground leaving the coils clean.  While cleaning the coils Tim inspects for hail damage.  Some units have hail guards so hail damage is not a problem. But if there are no hail guards then it is important to inspect all four sides for damage to the fins.  If the damage is minimal a fin straightener tool can be used.  If the damage is severe the coils will need to be replaced. 

You should always keep the area around your outside unit clean from dirt and especially grass clippings. Dirty coils reduce the cooling power of your system requiring more on time, more load on the compressor, and can lead to total failure of the system.  Click for more. 

Tim Panther

Posted on 04/01/2013 1:00 AM by Eddie Hutton
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