Wednesday, 1 May 2013
About Thermostats

Bill Richards, Service Manager, together with a Honeywell representative discuss the changes in the technology of the thermostat.


What is the purpose of the thermostat?  Basically the thermostat is going to be your main control that operates your heating and cooling system.  The technology of the thermostat has gone from bimetal to mercury type to digital to touch screen and now to wireless.

(Clip from Honeywell used with permission). It used to be pretty simple, on or off, hot or cold, then came programmable set-back thermostats which helped cut energy costs but they weren’t always  easy to program.  Honeywell’s Prestige Comfort System changes all that.  Its high definition color display is easy to read. It’s all touch screen, no hidden doors or complex buttons, best of all Prestige is easy to program. Its setup screens ask you questions and then programs its self based on your answers.  If you have a question the on board user’s manual can help you with anything.  Prestige can display the outdoor temperature and humidity on the screen. You can always be ready for anything happening outside. And Honeywell’s portable comfort control lets you bring the thermostat with you to any room in the house. It senses temperature where ever it goes and lets you control the heating and cooling system from anywhere.

Technology has gone a long way in the last 20 years with the capabilities of the thermostat.

Bill Richards

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