Saturday, 18 May 2013

A few of the tools and parts you need.No, if you want to do all the maintenance yourself and have the time, knowledge, tools, and spare parts to do the job right.  Yes, if you don't want to worry about your system failing.  A heating and air conditioning unit is just a big heat transfer unit. It will transfer your inside air from warm to cool or from cool to warm depending on the season. The unit cannot transfer or work properly if the unit is dirty and not tuned properly. On a hot summer day a lot of the service calls we run are due to the unit is dirty. Dirt makes the unit run longer using a lot more electricity and costing you money. Another side effect of a dirty unit is the unit runs a lot hotter and at a lot higher pressure. This can cause a system to fail or prematurely shorten a unit’s life. In the winter months a maintenance agreement pays dividends again by insuring you have a well-tuned and safe system. If you have a gas system we want to make sure the burning of the gas is efficient and clean. Plus we want to make sure that the safeties work and the unit is in overall good condition. If the unit is a heat pump system we want to make sure the refrigerant charge is efficient and the heat is working properly. There are over twenty different items we check or do on each maintenance service for the heating or cooling system. Additional benefits of a maintenance agreement include discounts on service repairs, priority status when service is needed, no overtime labor charges, discounts on new units and discounts on accessories such as air cleaners.


Posted on 05/18/2013 1:14 PM by Eddie Hutton
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