Saturday, 1 June 2013
How new technology home thermostats are introduced?

Bill Richards, Service Manager, discusses this process.

We introduce new products to our residential customers by making these things an option. The option of installing it, the option of upgrading; as we well know this is a world of gadgets and different things that people like. I think using the cellphone to help is a really nice feature. For instance if you were to plan to come home unexpectedly early and you need a new setback,  before you leave the office, connect to the Internet and change the temperature before you get home. The Honeywell Presitige is a really nice thermostat that has many features. So that's kind of how we operate at Interstate.  It’s not a must to operate heating and cooling but its such a nice option and with many new features it's something home owners really enjoy on their heating and cooling system.

Bill Richards

Posted on 06/01/2013 2:54 AM by Bill Richards
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