Tuesday, 10 December 2013
Lance Waterbarger's Five Outside Unit Fall Maintenance Secrets

Nashville Interstate AC Service's technician, Lance Waterbarger, reveals five secrets as he performs a fall maintenance check on an 11-year-old York HVAC unit. It is comprised of a heat pump coupled to a gas furnace in the basement. In this video, Lance demonstrates the five checks (listed below) he performed on the outside unit. Another video shows the proper way to clean the coils in the outside unit.

  1. Check the voltage across the capacitor(s). This is a dual capacitor unit: It’s rated for 40 plus 5. The 40 microfarad (μF) capacitor is used to start the compressor. The 5 microfarad (μF) capacitor is used to start the fan motor. They share a common ground. Using a meter, I can see that the 40 and 5 are each reading very slightly low, but neither is weak enough to merit changing out.
  2. Make sure all the connections are tight. Squeeze them a little bit.
  3. Check the defrost control board. Make sure all the connections are tight and none of the little resistors are burnt out on the board. Then put it through the defrost test to be sure it is working properly.
  4. Check the contacts to the fan and the compressor and be sure they look good, and that the fan and compressor come on as they should.
  5. While the unit is running, check the pressures to be sure they look good.

In this instance, everything checked out OK, so the homeowner is good to go!

Posted on 12/10/2013 3:13 PM by Eddie Hutton
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