Tuesday, 7 January 2014
Lance Waterbarger's Coil Cleaning Secrets


Nashville Interstate AC Service's technician, Lance Waterbarger, reveals six secrets as he completes a fall maintenance check on an 11-year-old York HVAC unit.  In this video, Lance demonstrates the six steps (listed below) he performed on the outside unit while cleaning the coils.  “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it,” he says!

  1. First, remove the screws holding the fan and fan guard assembly.

  2. Rest the fan guard with fan attached on the side of the unit out of the way so the coils can be reached from the inside. Remove any large debris like twigs and branches that may have gotten in the unit.

  3. Check all the wiring to make sure there aren’t any wires that touch the copper tubes. Make sure that anything that touches copper - like foam insulation or a wire strap – is secured out of the way. Over the life of the unit, the vibration from the unit will cause anything resting or hitting the copper to pop a hole in the copper pipe and cause a leak.

  4. Mix coil cleaner and water in a sprayer.If you’re doing the routine maintenance every six months as you should, you don’t need to make the coil cleaner mixture very strong.

  5. Spray the coil cleaner mixture onto the coils in the inside and wait for it to foam up. Then spray it on the outside of the coils.

  6. Using a garden hose, flush the coils from the inside to the outside with water.

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Posted on 01/07/2014 2:01 PM by Eddie Hutton
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