Sunday, 15 June 2014
Think bigger is better? Not when it comes to cooling!

Many people have the misconception that a bigger unit is better for the heating and cooling system in their home.  Or worse yet, they bought an extra-big HVAC system thinking it will cool the house better and now they think it must be faulty because it doesn't seem to be cooling very well.  What you actually want is the "right size" HVAC system for the area you wish to heat and cool.  If the system is too small or too big, it will not cool effectively.

Here's why bigger is not better:  If you oversize the cooling system in your house, it will only operate in short bursts, so it doesn't have the opportunity to dehumidify the air in your home. The main way air conditioning makes you feel comfortable is that it controls the humidity in the air.  Here in Tennessee, we sure get our share of humid summers!  When the cooling system is the proper size, it runs a little bit longer every time it turns on, and during this longer running period it provides cooling and will dehumidify the air, thus providing better comfort in the home.

Sizing a system: When sizing a system, it's not just about the number of square feet in your home.  Things that affect sizing include the geography (where you live), amount of use (the number of heating and cooling hours), the number of windows and whether they face north or south, and the height of the ceilings.  When sizing a cooling system, keep in mind that it's better to undersize than to oversize.  A smaller system may run a bit more often, but it will cost less to operate.  A larger system will cost more to operate, in addition to being inefficient, which will cost more money in the long run.

So heed this warning: Don't get oversold on systems that are much more expensive than they need to be simply due to their size. A properly-sized piece of equipment that's not too large is going to work much more efficiently in maintaining better and more even comfort in your home.  Because sizing is so important in a home's air conditioning, determining the "right size" is crucial.  So the bottom line is, bigger is not always better.

Posted on 06/15/2014 8:04 AM by Tony Anderson
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