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How We Hire & Train Our Technicians

Tony Anderson, VP Sales/Partner tells it like this.

First of all Swaney Powers is our COO/Service Manager and he interviews each prospective technician.  Swaney says that what makes a good technician is:

Somebody that has a very good head on their shoulders and possesses the following skills:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Very professional
  • Good with tools
  • Good with customers
  • Good with  equipment
  • Understand  systems so as to make them perform and do their duty

Not many get past the interview.  Swaney gives prospects a test and roughly 50% don’t pass.  Once a prospect is qualified and passes the test, they are assigned to an experienced senior technician with matching personalities and talent.  Not everyone has the same level of talent. We have senior technicians that are 30 years old. They are senior because they are a grade A type technician and easy to train.  We also have new hires that are fresh out of school. We never leave a technician on his or her own and are constantly training for up to two years.  Training is very extensive, day to day, hands-on, plus classroom.  Our manufacturers, like Trane, also have classes that we participate in.  However, we don’t rely on manufacturers to do all the training. We want to train new hires ourselves and have grown most of our technicians.  When a younger guy fresh out of school starts, we put him or her with good quality people. In a few years we have an excellent technician.signature