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Dispatching Calls for Service

Tony Anderson, Partner,  and Head Dispatcher, Gina , explain this important function.

I can’t think of anything more important in our business than our dispatchers.  Our dispatchers make all the difference in the world because they are the first people our customers talk to. And they can make or break the day. The customers are making a request and it is the dispatcher’s job to make sure we can cover those requests, match the people up, do this in a timely manner and do it efficiently.  When dispatchers work efficiently it saves money for us and the customers. Keeping the guys in the right zone, keeping them moving to the right calls. We don’t want the wrong man going to a boiler, or a chiller, or going to someone’s home. Dispatchers are hard to come by. It’s a hard job, but fortunately we have Gina as our head dispatcher. She has been here 7 years now. I have been in business here since 1990 and she is the best I have ever worked with.  Watch the video to observe Gina at work.