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How do I know something is wrong?

There are several indicators that a system needs attention. Using your own senses, here are some examples:

1. Sight:  The appearance of your outdoor system is a good indicator of how well the unit is working.  Heat pump units will ice up, but the unit should go into a defrost mode and the ice should go away... this is true for both summer and winter operation.  If the ice doesn't go away, or if it has dirty coils, get it serviced promptly.  

2. Sound:  If you hear the unit come on and it makes a noise that you normally do not hear, pay special attention to it and if the noise continues call us. Also, if the outside unit sounds rough while it's running, that could be a sign it needs service.

3. Smell:  Smells are a good indicator that something is going wrong. If you smell gas or a burning smell, turn the system off immediately.  Call the gas company and/or emergency services. Get out of the building.

4. Feel/Comfort:  One clue that your HVAC is not working properly is when it will not reach the heating or cooling set point on your thermostat.  Also, if the blower is not producing the airflow that you are accustomed to, or if it is blowing cold air while in heat mode, or blowing warm air while in air conditioning mode, that means it needs servicing.

5. Other Anomalies:  Here's a short list of other symptoms that typically signify something is wrong:

  • Water leak near the indoor unit
  • Unit won't come on
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping
  • Pilot light (on an older gas unit) keeps going out 

A wise basketball coach once said the best offense is a good defense.  A fall and spring maintenance visit can help prevent many of these problems.