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Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is often thought of as a luxury, but the impact air conditioning can have on your overall health is often overlooked. Cool air is essential for the very young and very old to help get through our hot and sticky days. It is easy for people in these age groups to overheat or suffer from more serious heat-related health issues. Certain medications and how hydrated you are can also affect how quickly you are affected by overheating.  It seems each year, at the height of the summer’s heat, there are many deaths due to overheating where people did not have air conditioning, only fans.  An air conditioner will keep the temperature in your home safe and comfortable for people of all ages.


Perhaps the most important thing an air conditioner does is improve indoor air quality. By keeping doors and windows closed, you are not going to get exposed to as much pollen, mold, or car exhaust fumes.  This is especially important for people that suffer from allergies and other respiratory illnesses. Air conditioning acts as a de-humidifier, thus reducing the growth of molds and mildews in your home.  According to the EPA, potential health concerns associated with mold exposures include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints. Their recommendation to control mold is to control moisture in the home. Moisture can easily be controlled with an air conditioner.


In short, adding air conditioning to your home will not only give you comfort, but also a healthier home to live in.