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Environmentally Friendly Energy Management Solutions from Interstate AC

In today’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning) world the consumer has several options to choose from for their home or office. To help you decide what options are best for you or your company contact us. We will provide you with the latest and best information concerning new refrigerants, air-quality cleaning equipment, high efficiency air conditioners, high efficiency boilers, geothermal systems, variable speed drives, high efficiency furnaces, energy management thermostat/control systems and tax credit opportunities.

Geothermal System

Advances in technology have raised the SEER efficiency ratings of geothermal systems into the high twenties. Geothermal systems use underground circulating water in pipes along with heat pumps. When the underground heated or cooled water gets to the heat pump it has a termperature of about 60 degrees all year around. Accordingly geothermal can cool with less energy and produce heat even when the outside termperature is well below freezing. These systems are not for every application due to the higher up front cost of installation but the advantages over the long haul are great. Check out the blog post by Roger Eldridge on using geothermal in homes. Watch for more posts on geothermal coming soon.

Energy Star - What is it?

The Energy Star symbol is a government backed program for products that have met or exceeded certain criteria to save energy which saves money plus protects the environment though energy efficient products. Interstate AC Service has the experience and knowledge to help you decide what Energy Star products will work for your residence or your business.

Energy Star Air Conditioning Systems

Go Green with higher efficiency Energy Star air conditioning systems and ozone friendly refrigerant. Air conditioning your home or office can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. Several manufacturers have options that can lower your utility consumption anywhere from 10% to 40%. Less energy used means significant savings for you and our environment is the big winner. Call us to review your needs and wishes. We will make recommendations best fitted for your budget at no cost.

More Efficient Furnaces

The technology for gas furnaces has increased considerably in the last few years. Today’s Energy Star rated furnaces are between 85% and 95% efficient. Most furnaces found in operation today are 80% efficient or less. There are options such as two stage furnaces that operate at lower BTUs during milder temperatures but will bring on the second stage when needed to bring the furnace to full capacity. In you home or at work we can help you lower your gas consumption, reduce green house gas emissions and save you energy dollars by installing a new Energy Star high efficiency furnace at competitive pricing.

Higher Efficiency Heat Pump Units and Dual Fuel Systems

The performance of today’s heat pump systems is excellent providing cool air when it is hot and warm air when the temperature drops. With the advancement in technology the new Energy Star rated heat pump systems are 10% to 30% more efficient than the average system plus they use the new refrigerant R-410 which helps our environment. You can install a heat pump system that will use the high efficiency electric heat pump function when temperatures are mild outside but when old man winter kicks in and temperatures turn really cold below about 40 degrees, you can have gas heat as the second fuel. For more details on any heat pump system for your home or work call us!

Energy Star Boiler

Old in-efficient boilers waste a tremendous amount of energy dollars and create a lot of Green House gas emissions. A typical older boiler was in the 70’s percent efficiencies rating or less when it was new. Modern day Energy Star boilers range from 85% to 95% efficient and combined with an updated control system can save the company thousand of dollars in utility costs. For a free cost analysis and payback projection call us!

Energy Management System

If your thermostat is not a programmable unit you are missing out on saving energy dollars and reducing green House Gas. We typically install Honeywell products that are dependable, accurate and affordable. From the simplest home thermostat to the most comprehensive building automation system’s we install and service them daily. Call us to review your individual needs and we can provide you with a money saving solution.

Variable Speed Drives for Your Commercial HVAC Units, Pumps & Motors

In the past motors normally ran at full speed all the time. That wastes a lot of energy and money. A variable speed drive allows your motor to run at only the speed needed to meet current demand. We have been able to install new variable speed drives on a lot of different applications for motors on HVAC systems and pumps with great results. Call us to review your equipment and see if a variable speed drive could help you become more energy efficient.

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